Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], February 23 (ANI): Having scored 214 runs in day-night Tests — the most by any Indian batsman — skipper Virat Kohli is wary of the “tricky” situation he might encounter during the pink-ball game against England which gets underway on Wednesday.
Of all the India batsmen, Kohli has faired well against the pink ball. But the India skipper still admitted on Tuesday that playing the day-night Test will pose a lot of challenges for the batsmen.
“The pink ball tends to swing a lot more than the normal red ball that we play with. We have experienced that in the one match we played against Bangladesh in 2019. It’s much more challenging to play with the new ball in day-night Test regardless of what pitch you are playing on,” said Kohli during the virtual press conference on the eve of the third Test.
“If you are starting your innings in the evening under lights then that one, one, and half-hour is very challenging. Yes, the spin will come into play for sure but I don’t think the new ball and fast bowlers can be ignored. The pink ball does bring them into the game till the ball is nice and shiny, something we are very well aware of and preparing accordingly,” he added.
The India skipper explained how playing under the lights is similar to playing in the first session of a normal Test match and a batsman must adjust to the “reversal of roles” quickly. Kohli also pointed out how a batsman needs to start afresh even though he may be set when the sun goes out.
“Well last time we experienced that the first session is probably the nicest to bat when the sun is out and the ball doesn’t do as much but when it starts to get dark especially during that twilight period it gets very tricky the lights changes and it becomes too difficult to sight the ball and then under lights, it becomes like playing the first session in the morning in a normal Test match as the ball does tend to swing,” Kohli explained.
“I think it’s a reversal of roles and something you need to adjust quite quickly as the batsmen. Even though you might be set in the afternoon, you have to take guard again and start from scratch in the evening and probably have to bit more disciplined,” he further said.
“So these are the major differences. Similarly, with the bowlers, the plan is bowl a nice consistent line and length, and in the evening if the situation allows we can attack,” he added.
The four-match series between India and England currently stands level at 1-1. (ANI)