Sadanand Vishwanath’s special advice to Hardik Pandya to win fans’ hearts


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Sunil Yash Kalra

The newly appointed Mumbai Indians skipper Hardik Pandya has been facing a huge backlash since he took over the captaincy of the side. The star all-rounder happened to be on the receiving end of a massive booing at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad followed by the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad & Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

The controversy erupted since the Rohit Sharma fans and a big section of the MI fans were displeased with the franchise’s decision to remove Rohit Sharma from the captaincy and replace him with Hardik Pandya. Notably, the Mumbai Indians have won all their five IPL titles under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, who is also the current skipper of the National team of India.

Meanwhile, addressing the question of ‘Hardik Pandya getting booed’, former Indian cricketer Sadanand Viswanath came up with a supporting tone for Hardik Pandya and also advised the latter to step up a rise on the occasion for his side with some big performances.

“Whatever happened with Hardik Pandya is wrong, but let me say it honestly nobody can do anything in this kind of situation. The only solution to this chaos is that Hardik Pandya should step in and take the initiative for his team with some big performances in the crucial matches,” said Sadanand Viswanath to Indian Sports Fan founder Sunil Kalra on India News.

“If the team starts winning, the fans’ hearts will surely turn in the favour of Hardik Pandya,” he added later.

Interestingly, the Mumbai Indians have lost three matches in the ongoing IPL 202 under the leadership of the new skipper Hardik Pandya.

MI skipper Pandya was also criticized by a lot of cricket fans and experts of the game after he instructed the senior player and former skipper, Rohit Sharma to field in the deep region MI’s first match of the tournament.


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