Run the Capital in Style: ASICS Launches Apollo Tyres New Delhi Marathon Merchandise with Star Athletes”


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Gurugram :  ASICS, the Japanese sportswear brand, today launched the limited-edition merchandise for the upcoming Apollo Tyres New Delhi Marathon 2024. ASICS Brand Athletes  Prasidh Krishna,  T Gopi,  Joshna Chinappa and Saurav Ghosal along with ASICS Management unveiled the new collection at ASICS store in Ambience Mall, Gurugram.

ASICS is dedicated to creating best-in-class products to help them enhance their overall performance and achieve new milestones. The Apollo Tyres New Delhi Marathon 2024 merchandise unveils a design theme inspired by the organic and flowing forms found in nature, drawing on elements like landscape contours and a captivating satellite-like view from the top, seamlessly integrated with the Apollo Tyres New Delhi Marathon’s route map. By emphasizing the mental and emotional benefits of exercise, this collection is designed to promote holistic well-being and foster personal growth.

ASICS, with its foundation deeply embedded in consumer-centric design, places paramount importance on addressing customer needs by engaging in comprehensive primary data collection worldwide. Through feedback and direct customer interactions, ASICS gathers insights from consumers globally. These inputs fuel the research and development ensuring each product is meticulously crafted to meet and exceed consumer expectations. ASICS remains dedicated to deliver Apollo Tyres New Delhi Marathon 2024 merchandise that resonates with athletes and enthusiasts.

Rajat Khurana, Managing Director, ASICS India and South ASIA said, “We are delighted to announce our collaboration with the Apollo Tyres New Delhi Marathon 2024, a vibrant celebration of athleticism and community spirit. With our esteemed ASICS athletes Mr. Prasidh Krishna, Mr. T Gopi, Ms. Joshna Chinappa, and Mr. Saurav Ghosal onboard, we unveil our official merchandise collection. Inspired by Delhi’s dynamic energy and the essence of this prestigious event, our goal is to empower athletes of all levels with apparel designed to unleash their full potential. This collection reflects our unwavering commitment to supporting individuals in achieving their athletic aspirations.”

Nagraj Adiga, Chairman & Managing Director, NEB Sports said, “We are thrilled to have ASICS onboard and excited to offer the best quality products to the runners. Delhi is undoubtedly one of our largest races and it’s with privilege and responsibility that we carry the National Marathon Championship title.  It’s humbling to see people from all parts of India and outside travelling to Delhi to participate in our event.  We are geared up to deliver a wholesome experience and look forward to some amazing performances.”




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