CSK Vs SRH head to head in IPL


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Karunesh Kumar Rai

CSK have won the IPL five times equalling MI in their title wins. They
have also been runners-up on ten occasions. On the other hand, SRH has
won the tournament once, in 2016 under the captaincy of David Warner.
SRH and CSK have played an IPL final against each other in 2018. SRH
emerged as the runners-up in the 2018 season, as CSK defeated them
comfortably owing their victory to a classic century by Shane Watson.

Out of 19 encounters so far, CSK have won 14 while SRH have won 5. SRH
has never won a single match in CSK’s home ground, CSK have dominated
SRH in matches played at neutral venues across India as well as
overseas stadiums.

When we talk about stats CSK ex-skipper MS Dhoni has scored highest
361 runs against SRH so far. Deepak Chahar and Bhuvneshwar Kumar, of
CSK and SRH respectively, have taken 9 wickets each. Ruturaj Gaikwad
was stopped by SRH by just one single run from his centuries; he
remained not-out on 99. In their first match CSK defeated SRH by 5
wickets to spare, and in their last match CSK defeated SRH by 8


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