LSG Vs KKR: A closer look at the top order


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Karunesh Kumar Rai

LSG will be taking on KKR this Sunday at the Eden Garden, Kolkata. Teams batting first have won 36 (41.38%) and teams batting second 51 (58.62%) matches. LSG is just a two-year-old team in the IPL along with Gujarat Titans, who were introduced in the 2022 IPL season. Even so, LSG has an impeccable track record as they have qualified for the play-offs in both seasons and also finished as third both times.

As one of the three IPL teams with the most titles won, KKR is a successful franchise in the IPL. KKR has won the league title in both 2012 and 2014. KKR has made four appearances in the IPL playoffs, excluding the three finals.

KKR has a very explosive top order, in the light of Sunil Narine, Phil Salt and Angkrish Raghuvanshi. KKR top order has had a decent season till now. Sending Sunil Narine in the power-play has worked again this season for KKR he has made 2 fifties this season and has being striking at 200+ this season, Phil Salt started this season with a fifty but but that he hasn’t scored any big runs, Angkrish Raghuvanshi on the other hand is a fresh face this season, he scored fifty on his debut.

LSG has a strong top-order but their players are not in their prime. KL Rahul has been performing exceptionally well in IPL throughout the years, but this season we haven’t seen the best of him he has only scored 1 fifty his season same for Quinton De Cock he has also performed well over the years but has only scored 1 fifty his season, LSG no.3 Devdutt Padikkal, he is having worst IPL of his career he has only scored 25 runs in 5 matches so far. LSG is surfing this season due to in-consistant performance by their top order.

Overall KKR top order is much better compared to LSG as performance this season.


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