Sahara Warriors lifts the trophy


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New Delhi :  In the 125th year of Indian Open Polo Championship, we had Jindal Steel sponsoring the polo tournament. Played at a level equal or higher than the Polo World Cup, this year the tournament had three spectacular teams participate to lift the trophy in pride.

Jindal Panther Polo Team had captain Naveen Jindal (0), Shamsheer Ali (+4), Siddhant Sharma (+4), and Santiago Marambio (+6). Sahara Warriors has Hurr Ali (+2), Vishwarupe Bajaj (0), Daniel Otamedi (+5), and Chris Mackenzie (+7). Suján Indian Tigers has captain Jaisal Singh (+1), Angad Kalaan (+3), Salvador Jauretche (+6), and Juan Cruz Greguoli (+4).

The first league match of the tournament was played on March 20, 2024 between Sahara Warriors and Suján Indian Tigers. In a rather one-sided match, Sahara Warriors seized the opening day with a whopping score of 8 goals to 4.

The second league day has Jindal Panther against Sahara Warriors on March 21, 2024. In a closely played match, Sahara Warriors managed to take the lead and close the day with 7 goals to 6. The last league day played on March 22, 2024 had Jindal Panther and Suján Indian Tigers against each other. Dominating the game in full swing Jindal Panther wrapped the day with 12 goals to 7.

With this, Jindal Panther and Sahara Warriors reached the finals. Battled on March 24, 2024 at the Jaipur Polo Ground, New Delhi, the finals welcomed the polo spectators with all enthusiasm. In a nail-bitting match player between two of the finesh polo team that Indian Polo has, the match was a complete justice in all aspect. The trophy was proudly lifted by Sahara Warriors with 8 goals to 5 against Jindal Panther.


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